HS7Hawker Siddeley 748
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The fast-burning powders that hand-loaders often find so satisfactory for revolver loads--Unique, Blue Dot, HS6, HS7, Norma R-123--are not compatible with the rifle.
He added: "I certainly don't want a Bristol and Cardiff extension to be a HS6 or HS7 somewhere down the line.
We'd recommend you start by confirming that you are, in fact, using HS7, and that your powder charge is correct.
With bullets weighing 155 to 180 grains, it thrives on medium-burning-rate pistol propellants such as AA#7, Unique and HS7.
Assignment is an agreement with open items regarding the site preparation and site preparation, installation of phases 1, 2, HS1, HS2A, HS2B, HS5, HS6, HS7 and HS10.
The lineup includes the company s first battery-powered Wi-Fi Speaker (Model H4 Portable), advanced Wi-Fi Sound Bars (Models HS7 and HS91) and the Streaming 3D Blu-ray Player (Model BP550).