HS7Hawker Siddeley 748
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The three modifications which were not shown in their full extent MM117, relating to Policy EMP3 (Prologis Extension), MM154, relating to Policy HS5 (Health) and MM156, relating to Policy HS7, which is creating a healthier food environment They have now been corrected and can be found online, as well as in the Town Hall in Nuneaton and the area office in Bedworth.
With regard to Phillip Howard's problem with his .44 Special load of 13.0 grains of HS7 behind a 240-grain SWC bullet (Crossfire GUNS, September 2001).
It was the slowest powder tested with, a burn rate slower than Alliant Blue Dot, Hodgdon HS7 Winchester Super Field Winchester 571 Vihta Vouri 3N37 or Accurate No.
076, Tracy random sample of 150, Inpatient Case Files, Norfolk State Hospital, Agency Code HS7.17, Series 260x, Department of Mental Health, Massachusetts Archives at Columbia Point, Boston.
The fast-burning powders that hand-loaders often find so satisfactory for revolver loads--Unique, Blue Dot, HS6, HS7, Norma R-123--are not compatible with the rifle.
As China's first assembly workshop equipped with automated distribution, the new workshop mainly produces such models as the Hongqi H7 and the HS7. The latter is an all-new mid/full-sized SUV that will hit the market in 2019.
The binary mixtures between the automotive paraffinic oil and the PP were performed on the IKA C-MAG HS7 agitator plate with the IKA ETS-D7 heating controller.
Propolis ethanolic extract (PEE) was produced by using 70% ethanol aqueous solution for extraction of raw propolis (UAB Medicata Filia, Lithuania) under mixing with a magnetic stirrer IKAMAG[R] C-MAG HS7 (IKA-Werke GmbH & Co.
He added: "I certainly don't want a Bristol and Cardiff extension to be a HS6 or HS7 somewhere down the line.
We'd recommend you start by confirming that you are, in fact, using HS7, and that your powder charge is correct.
With bullets weighing 155 to 180 grains, it thrives on medium-burning-rate pistol propellants such as AA#7, Unique and HS7. With 200-grain bullets it will produce top velocities with slower pistol propellants such as AA#9, Alliant #2400 and Blue Dot.