HSABHard and Soft Acids and Bases
HSABHealth and Science Advisory Board (Lake Worth, FL)
HSABHeavy Stores Adapter Beam (for external munitions on USAF B-52H)
HSABHead Side Airbag
HSABHellenic Scientists Association of Boston (Boston, MA)
HSABHigh School and Beyond
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Calculated HSAB and experimental parameters for conjugated type-2 alkenes and nonconjugated analogs.
Interactions with type-2 alkenes with potential amino acid target: calculated HSAB parameters.
Consistent with HSAB concepts, the softness ([sigma]) and electrophilicity ([omega]) values for ACR and the other type-2 alkenes tested [acrolein, methylvinyl ketone (MVK)] were related to the corresponding second-order rate constants (log [k.
Keywords: Coordination polymer, Heterometallic, HSAB, Metal-organic frameworks, Isonicotinic acid, Oxalic acid.
In this communication the HSAB concept is employed to link the hard acid metal Pr to the soft acid metal Cu by using isonicotinic acid (INA) as a connecting ligand.
The design of the compound 1 had been engineered on the basis of HSAB theory.