HSACHomeland Security Advisory Council
HSACHealth Service Advisory Committee
HSACHelp Stop Animal Cruelty
HSACHealth & Safety Advisory Committee (Ontario, Canada)
HSACHumane Society Adoption Center (animal shelter)
HSACHigh Speed Assault Craft (US Navy)
HSACHuman Services Appropriations Committee (Florida)
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HSAC students and alumni have--with the support of honors faculty and staff--put together "fireside chats" during which faculty discuss their research and civic engagement events like a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2013 as well as regular transfer and scholarship workshops and off-campus events that support student research.
From my experience in the Honors Program and HSAC, I extended my target four-year schools to include prestigious private universities such as Columbia University and NYU, no small dream for the average community college student.
20) HSAC provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Homeland Security.
Rio de Janeiro y Santos ofrecen las conexiones intermodales mas fuertes en Brasil porque los polos industriales estan en los estados de Sao Patrio, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais y Parana", dice Costa, de HSAC Logistica.
Rio de Janeiro and Santos offer the strongest intermodal connections in Brazil because the industrial poles are located in the southeastern and southern states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Parana," HSAC Logistica's Costa says.
As noted in the 2008 HSAC report, "it is important that [the] DHS take action now to ensure a seamless and agile transition to new leadership and optimize the new leadership's ability to assume operational control of the Department.
5 / 2 TR Window / Split / HSAC Units / Free Cooling Units installed at Various Small T.
Accordingly, the HSAC Subcommittee on Privatized Immigration Detention Facilities (Subcommittee) spent approximately two months reviewing ICE policies, conducting interviews of various leadership stakeholders and subject matter experts, and visiting ICE detention facilities.
To this degree, the DHS HSAC contends that continuous interaction with the media (32) and the public regarding potential threats during this time period will maximize the chances of having a nation prepared for harmful activities that may occur during any phase of the presidential transition.
11) Furthermore, HSAC believes that out of the fusion process,
A director for the HSAC stated that "DHS used to have its own way of sending out information, and the FBI did too .
Another variant on this options would be to amend Title IX of the HSA to authorize the HSAC to require federal agency coordination and intervene to resolve disputes among department heads, including Secretary of DHS.