HSAPSHydrogen Stand-Alone Power System
HSAPSHenoch-Schonlein Anaphylactoid Purpura Syndrome (childhood disease)
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In herring, among the two sperm-motility activating proteins SMIF (Pillai et al., 1993; Vines et al., 2002) and HSAPs (Morisawa et al., 1992: Oda et al., 1998), only SMIF seems to guide sperm cells to the micropyle of the egg, whereas HSAPs activates only sperm motility (Cherr et al., 2008).
By focusing on the subset of incoming freshman who are assigned at random to their preferred school by the HSAPS mechanism (cases of oversubscription), they provide a plausibly causal estimate of the impact of attending a preferred school on these factors.