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HSARPAHomeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency
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Since the BioWatch program's inception, HSARPA has awarded millions of dollars in Broad Announcement Awards (BAAs)--$118 million in FY2005 alone--to private companies through programs such as BAND.
HSARPA's requirements are to develop a concept to enhance the protection of existing SCADA systems.
"Through the SBIR Program we will introduce HSARPA to small businesses and invite them to be a part of our team." Through this solicitation HSARPA is seeking proposals for the following research and development topics: new system/technologies to detect low vapor pressure chemicals; chem-bio sensors employing novel receptor scaffold; advanced low cost aerosol collectors for surveillance sensors and personal monitoring; computer modeling tool for vulnerability assessment of U.S.
Bolka said up to 90% of HSARPA's $874 million budget for this year will be spent on "current or emerging requirements." Only 10% to 15% will go to what he called "blue-sky" R&D.
In addition to HSARPA, DHS will fold in existing R&D programs from DOE and the Departments of Agriculture and Transportation.
Laboratories and agency's such as HSARPA, the Department of Homeland Security's organization dedicated to high-risk technology research, continue to seek scientific means to locate border tunnels.
Although HSARPA does not expect to negotiate its first contracts until late January, and has yet to solicit proposals for other technologies, homeland security R&D money flowing through other agencies has already created lucrative contracts for instrument companies.
On the positive side, DHS has created a Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA), modeled after the highly successful DOD's DARPA.
Alexander said HSARPA will release more broad agency announcements requesting proposals for cutting-edge technologies that can be deployed within six to 18 months.
Final testing and production are anticipated by 2008 or 2009, according to Bob Knetl, container program manager for HSARPA (Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency).
To that end we have created the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA), a cousin to the Defense Department's DARPA agency, which helped create the Internet.
The DHS includes a new research agency, the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA).