HSBRHollywood Stock Brokerage and Resource (The Hollywood Stock Exchange; game)
HSBRHigh Speed Buffer Register (computer processor component)
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Secondarily, die incorporation of a polymer bound antioxidant into an emulsion SBR and subsequently into an HSBR does not interfere with the latex diimide reduction process or the ultimate generation of TPE properties.
In conclusion, we believe our observations concerning the benefits of bound antioxidants in HSBR hold important implications with regard to the quality and recyclability of TPES in general.
The DSC scans of HSBRs containing the bound antioxidant (0.5 phr bound) all show a similar pattern with a single sharp and very large exotherm (figure 1).
In contrast to the DSC thermogram shown in figure 1, all the HSBRS without the bound antioxidant also show a typical pattern (figure 2) with a much lower oxidative onset temperature and multiple broad exotherms.
It is fortuitous in the case of the HSBRS with bound antioxidant, that the residual unsaturation and bound antioxidant are both concentrated in the same amorphous region of the polymer since this region is the most prone to oxidation.
We found these results to be somewhat surprising for the antioxidant-containing HSBRS, even though the antioxidant monomer is reported to have a [lambda] max of 310 nm and an extinction coefficient (E) of 2.3 X 104 (ref.