HSCBHuman Social Cultural Behavior (US DoD modeling and simulation)
HSCBHealth Science Center at Brooklyn (Foundation, Inc)
HSCBHigh-Speed Circuit Breaker
HSCBHot Springs Concert Band (Hot Springs, AR)
HSCBHolly Springs Community Band (Holly Springs, NC)
HSCBHarbor Springs Community Band (Harbor Springs, MI)
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The role of the HSCB is to arrange or commission a comprehensive range of modern and effective health and social services for the 1.
I have sent the GMC and the HSCB lots of information on the scientific research behind the treatments and yet they continue to claim there is none.
Ancona became CFO at HSCB North America at the end of 2009.
In short, the HSCB is bad for patients, bad for healthcare workers, bad for communities and not the way forward for the NHS.
It's going to be a while before the plane is commercialised so hopefully the project shouldn't suffer too badly,' said Robin Horne, an airline analyst with HSCB Securities.
The HSCB wish to appoint a single Provider in each Lot to provide the Service in that Lot.
The Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry's chairman Sir Anthony Hart hit out at the HSCB response to a request for welfare records on two children sent to Australia in the 1900s.
HSCB also joined Barclays and Lloyds TSB in dropping threats to charge for cash withdrawals from ATMs.
The HSCB asked all trusts to "temporarily pause sending patients to private firms for assessment or treatment".
The HSCB wishes to appoint a single Provider to provide the Regional Parenting Helpline Service across Northern Ireland.
The HSCB plan to appoint one organisation to provide project management and administrative support to Building the Community Pharmacy Partnership (BCPP) and expert evaluation of BCPP Projects (The Services).
But Fionnuala McAndrew, who is leading the process for the HSCB, said a significant number of residential homes were still likely to shut.