HSCDHoward Soil Conservation District
HSCDHazardous Site Control Division
HSCDHigh Speed Circuit Data
HSCDHand-Schüller-Christian Disease (multifocal eisoniphilic granuloma)
HSCDHot Springs Conservation District (Wyoming)
HSCDHigh Speed Cellular Data
HSCDHillsborough City School District (California)
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Real-time information is then sent to HSCD supervisors to assess and monitor events as they occur, minimizing response time and maximizing the ability to plan, command and recover.
CR also provides HSCD managers the ability to input specific location information--such as road closures, power outages, flood damage and stranded citizens--as they are reported, and visualize those locations online using satellite imagery with the Live Data Feed and GIS information.
The HSCDS will let war fighters conduct very low altitude, fast, and accurate resupply of up to 16,000 pounds of supplies via eight containerized delivery system bundles.