HSCFHuman Stem Cell Factor
HSCFHearing and Speech Center of Florida (est. 1936; Miami, FL)
HSCFHospital for Sick Children Foundation (Washington, DC)
HSCFHindu Society of Central Florida
HSCFHematopoietic Stem Cell Fraction
HSCFHigh School Climbers Federation
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The semester began with 566 registered students of which 502 signed the HSCF (88.
Site name status Ownership Crawford County 10 Wyandotte Cave A HCSF 14 Leavenworth Bluff A p 15 Indian Hollow Bluff I HCSF 30 Lowe/Booth Bluff A p 36 South Fredonia Bluff A p 39 Bull's Point Bluff A p 40 Wildcat Cave Bluff I HCSF Harrison County 1 Tobacco Landing A p 2 Shelterhouse #2 Bluff A HCSF 4 Scenic View Bluff A p 7 Mauckport Cemetery Bluff I p 8 Mulzer #8 Bluff A p 17 Potato Run Cave A HCSF 19 Rabbit Hash Ridge - U A p 20 Rabbit Hash Ridge - C A p 21 Rabbit Hash Ridge - D A p 47 The Narrows Bluff A p 48 Blue River Building I HSCF 75 Cold Friday Holllow Bluff A HCSF 81 Overflow Pond Bluff A p 82 South HCSF Bluff A HCSF 83 Nye Building A p 97 Muizer #97 Bluff A p 98 South Nye Bluff A HCSF Total all site Site Survey No.
Rob Brownstone a neuro-surgeon and senior investigator with the University of Manitoba's Spinal Cord Research Centre which has received financial support from the HSCF since 1989.