HSCICHealth and Social Care Information Centre (UK)
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Once a year, the HSCIC release a fixed extract from SUS, after cleaning the data (HSCIC 2012a) and assigning the HESID (HSCIC 2009b) to each episode of care.
It has been my privilege to work with Tim Kelsey, National Information Director, and Will Cavendish, Director General Innovation, Growth and Technology, on the steering group for NIB over the last year or so to guide the workstreams through this process, and I think what we have now is a really sound basis to deliver just the kind of transformational change I joined HSCIC to be part of.
General Dynamics Information Technology's health solutions team and HSCIC worked closely with the user community to design and develop CQRS, which will replace the Quality Management and Analysis System (QMAS) nationally.
The figures show that the proportion of Year 6 children who are either overweight or obese appears to be still increasing slightly," the Daily Mail quoted HSCIC chief executive Tim Straughan as saying.
Professor Denise Lievesley, chief executive of the HSCIC, said the figures showed that despite Government efforts to cut drug misuse among young people, the prevalence of drug use among 11 to 15-year-olds had remained broadly stable for the past five years.
We're delighted to have CSC on board with GPES -- a service that will help the NHS improve the way it works to prevent, diagnose and treat illness," said Tim Straughan, HSCIC chief executive.
Recent media coverage of HSCIC s struggle to implement patient objections lodged more than a year ago, shows there are no quick solutions.
The HSCIC suggests this fall may be due to an increase in people using e-cigarettes to help them stop smoking rather than making use of these services, but that it is possible that a fall in smoking prevalence may also be a factor.
The HSCIC data show that approximately 40,000 fewer sight tests were carried out under the General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) contract in the period, with 6.
Kingsley Manning, chair of the HSCIC, said: "The report shows clear variation across the country in vaccination coverage amongst children.
HSCIC chairman Kingsley Manning said: "These reports provide further insight into the income of GPs and dentists that carry out NHS work in the UK.
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