HSCICHealth and Social Care Information Centre (UK)
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HSCIC said obesity prevalence has increased from 15% in 1993 to 26% in 2014.
The figures on prescriptions, also published by the HSCIC, show that donepezil was the most commonly prescribed drug for Alzheimer's in 2014.
Once a year, the HSCIC release a fixed extract from SUS, after cleaning the data (HSCIC 2012a) and assigning the HESID (HSCIC 2009b) to each episode of care.
Professor Denise Lievesley, chief executive of the HSCIC, said the figures showed that despite Government efforts to cut drug misuse among young people, the prevalence of drug use among 11 to 15-year-olds had remained broadly stable for the past five years.
We're delighted to have CSC on board with GPES -- a service that will help the NHS improve the way it works to prevent, diagnose and treat illness," said Tim Straughan, HSCIC chief executive.
The HSCIC report published yesterday analysed prescriptions dispensed by community pharmacists, dispensing doctors and in GP practices.
HSCIC have developed a video illustrating how the project will work, as well as downloadable toolkits and resources available from http://systems.
HSCIC chairwoman Kingsley Manning says: "The fact that the success rate has remained at over 50 per cent demonstrates that this service helps patients that want to stop smoking.
The HSCIC report shows that the number of hospital admissions in England due to smoking have fallen, with an estimated 460,900 admissions of over 35s attributable to smoking in 2012/13, compared with 559,800 in 2004/05, a decrease of 18%.
Kingsley Manning, chair of the HSCIC, said: "The report shows clear variation across the country in vaccination coverage amongst children.
face theliverpoolecho " Chief executive of HSCIC Alan Perkins said "anxiety in the older generation" could be an area for concer n
The HSCIC report said several factors could have led to a rise in MMR uptake in recent years, including campaigns to target unvaccinated teenagers and a recommendation that MMR is offered on the same day as other vaccines.