HSCLHopkins Symptom Checklist (psychiatry)
HSCLHealth Science Center Library
HSCLHindustan Steelworks Construction Ltd. (India; est. 1964)
HSCLHumane Society of Central Louisiana
HSCLHead of Schools and Colleges Liaison (University of Wolverhampton; Queensland, Australia)
HSCLHealth and Safety Click Ltd (UK)
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First, bivariate logistic regression models were conducted for each of the dependent and control variables with each of the outcome variables (the HSCL global, anxiety, and depression mean scores).
The association between the predictors and reporting clinically elevated scores on the HSCL and each subscale was tested first by logistic regression.
Those with less education were also more likely to have higher scores across the HSCL and subscales.
Women reporting that they wanted the pregnancy that resulted in a stillbirth were significantly more likely to have elevated scores on the HSCL and subscales.
5 times more likely to report higher scores on the HSCL total and subscale scores.
A step-wise process of entering each variable into a model was used to produce final multivariate models predicting HSCL total and subscale scores.
For the nine month period to 31 March 2005, HSCL had unaudited
PHSC proposes to acquire the entire issued share capital of HSCL on the
an injection of [pounds sterling]75,000 will be made by PHSC into HSCL for working capital
The current shareholders of HSCL will receive pro-rata to their current
shareholdings 50% of the net profits of HSCL for the three years ended 31