HSCOHumane Society of Central Oregon (animal shelter and adoption services; Bend, OR)
HSCOHigh Speed Cobalt (material used to make metal cutting end mills)
HSCOHuman Services Coalition of Oregon (advocacy group)
HSCOHepatoma Subtracted Clone One
HSCOHawaii Society of Clinical Oncology
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The diesel engine D243 is used to calculate and design the heating system by utilizing the exhaust gas energy in order to heat up SCO from room temperature to 100oC (HSCO).
Density of HSCO fuel [[rho].sub.f] is 0.8639 g/[cm.sup.3]; lower heating value of HSCO is 35.85 MJ/kg;
Then, the HSCO is used as fuel in the diesel engines D243.
However, at 75% and 100% of load, the temperature of HSCO is 103[degrees]C and 105[degrees]C respectively.
To improve the global convergence speed and stability of SCO algorithm without increasing the computation, a hybrid social cognitive optimization (HSCO) algorithm, based on elitist strategy and chaotic optimization, was proposed to solve constrained NLPs in literature [26].
To select better algorithm to optimize the weight values, we compare HSCO with traditional PSO algorithm in the weight values optimum process in evaluating the usability of the convenient educational resource management platform software (
Figure 1 shows the mean fitness values of 30 times' iteration, which is performed by PSO and HSCO. The HSCO algorithm shows higher convergence velocity and higher sustainable evolutionary capability at the process of evolution than traditional PSO algorithm.
We use the hybrid social cognitive optimization (HSCO) algorithm to search the optimal weight.
During the FTX, students conduct screenings and interrogations on the objective, HSCO in mock Iraqi villages (populated by trained and scripted "Iraqi" role players), and screen personnel at traffic control points (TCP).