HSCPHarvard Studies in Classical Philology (journal)
HSCPHawaii Society of Corporate Planners
HSCPHeavy Stable Charged Particle (physics)
HSCPHigh-Speed Card Punch
HSCPHealth and Social Care Practice (various universities)
HSCPHealth Science Collegiate Program
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Susanne Millar of Glasgow City HSCP said yesterday: "Some of our service users have had a number of failed attempts at quitting heroin.
Horaz als Aretaloge des Dionysos: Credite Posteri," HSCP 82, 203-211.
Since HSCP (like ZS) allows deletion of points with 2 neighbors, the diagonal line shown in Figure 2 is reduced to only 2 points.
HSCP insists temporary agency contracts are vital to keep the system running, but would not explain why the cash had not been spent on hiring permanent workers.
Clauss, 'Once Upon a Time on Cos: A Banquet with Pan on the Side in Theocritus "Idyll 7"', HSCP 101 (2003) 289-302.
Skutsch, 'Symmetry and sense in the Eclogues', HSCP 73 (1969) 153-69; J.
2181: An unknown Aristophanes manuscript', HSCP 66 (1962), 241-8, respectively.
Zetzel, 'Catullus, Ennius, and the Poetics of Allusion', which productively takes issue with Thomas (1982), and Thomas, 'Virgil's Georgics and the Art of Reference', HSCP 90 (1986), 171--98 are other examples of works by intertextualists not yet systematically calling themselves intertextualists.
The symbolism of the apple in Greek and Roman literature', HSCP 72, 147-181.
Van Sickle, HSCP 84 (1980), 91-5, following one of the paths offered by Ellis's commentary, and responding to another interesting, but not finally convincing, interpretation offered by R.
White, HSCP 79 (1975), 265-300 fails to identify a group of friends around Martial, Pliny, and Statius.