HSCPHarvard Studies in Classical Philology (journal)
HSCPHawaii Society of Corporate Planners
HSCPHeavy Stable Charged Particle (physics)
HSCPHigh-Speed Card Punch
HSCPHealth and Social Care Practice (various universities)
HSCPHealth Science Collegiate Program
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Susanne Millar of Glasgow City HSCP said yesterday: "Some of our service users have had a number of failed attempts at quitting heroin.
Horaz als Aretaloge des Dionysos: Credite Posteri," HSCP 82, 203-211.
Since HSCP (like ZS) allows deletion of points with 2 neighbors, the diagonal line shown in Figure 2 is reduced to only 2 points.
HSCP insists temporary agency contracts are vital to keep the system running, but would not explain why the cash had not been spent on hiring permanent workers.
Clauss, 'Once Upon a Time on Cos: A Banquet with Pan on the Side in Theocritus "Idyll 7"', HSCP 101 (2003) 289-302.
Skutsch, 'Symmetry and sense in the Eclogues', HSCP 73 (1969) 153-69; J.
2181: An unknown Aristophanes manuscript', HSCP 66 (1962), 241-8, respectively.
Zetzel, 'Catullus, Ennius, and the Poetics of Allusion', which productively takes issue with Thomas (1982), and Thomas, 'Virgil's Georgics and the Art of Reference', HSCP 90 (1986), 171--98 are other examples of works by intertextualists not yet systematically calling themselves intertextualists.
The decrease in income, and resulting loss before provision for income taxes in 2000 resulted from an increase in the Company's operating, selling and administrative costs resulting from the hiring of executive and management personnel, expansion of the sales department, increased sales and marketing expenses and the write off of expenses related to the extension of the HSCP contract, all of which were offset by an increase in service revenues.
The symbolism of the apple in Greek and Roman literature', HSCP 72, 147-181.
Van Sickle, HSCP 84 (1980), 91-5, following one of the paths offered by Ellis's commentary, and responding to another interesting, but not finally convincing, interpretation offered by R.
White, HSCP 79 (1975), 265-300 fails to identify a group of friends around Martial, Pliny, and Statius.