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HSCSDHigh-Speed Circuit-Switched Data (GSM technology)
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Captain Penoyer mentioned that it gives him a sense of security knowing that he has an organized resource like the HSCSD to not only call upon during emergencies, but to partner with on a vast range of initiatives to ensure the safety and security of the Houston Ship Channel region.
The Nokia launch was a PC card-format HSCSD terminal, that aggregates to 28.
What you will see in the parking lot are layers of security currently used to protect our port and petrochemical industry," said Robin Riley, Chairman of the HSCSD.
Provides a detailed introduction to GPRS, HSCSD, and EDGE for packet-switched services and higher data rates
ONE is the only Austrian mobile telephony provider to offer HSCSD (ONE High Speed), GPRS and UMTS.
According to the report new wireless M2M applications will draw upon technologies such as: Bluetooth, CDMA, 1xRTT/CDMA2000, DSRC, GSM/SMS and USSD, GSM-R, GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE, PDC/PHS, RFID, TETRA, Ultra-Wideband (UWB), WLAN, ZigBee, and Proprietary Wireless Data Networks.
The NATEL(r) network (GSM900 and GSM1800) supports all new technologies such as HSCSD, GPRS and has been expanded with Public Wireless LAN in popular places.
ONE is the only mobile telephony operator to offer GPRS and HSCSD (ONE High Speed) in Austria.
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