HSDBHigh Stakes Database (gambling)
HSDBHazardous Substances Data Bank
HSDBHigh Speed Deserialization Board
HSDBHigh-Speed Data Bus
HSDBHazardous Substances Data Base
HSDBHigh Speed Daughter Board
HSDBHuman Services Database (various organizations)
HSDBHealth Services Disciplinary Board (Sweden)
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Integrating various data, HSDB is a useful tool for researching genomic and biological mechanisms of the horse.
HSDB provides integrated information to the users in a single database.
10) See CATASTROPHE STUDY, supra note 1, at 58-59; HSDB, supra note 6; see also COLEMAN, supra note 7, at 17-18 (noting the concentration that the German used against the Allies at Ypres was near 1000 ppm.
The information in HSDB includes manufacturing and use of the substances; their physical, chemical, and pharmacological properties; toxicity and safe handling of the substance; and their environmental impact.
The data were acquired from ECOTOX, HSDB, EFDB, and METI-NITE databases.
ECOTOX, HSDB, EFDB, SRC, and METI-NITE) and from key word searches of the published scientific literature.