HSDIHigh Speed Direct Injection
HSDIHerrin Software Development Inc. (est. 2003; Prestonsburg, KY)
HSDIHuman Systems Dynamics Institute
HSDIHigh Speed Data Interface
HSDIHigh-Speed Digital Imaging (visualization technique)
HSDIHealth Self-Determination Index (motivation measurement)
HSDIHCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) Society of Dental Implantology (Vietnam)
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(20) Much of the information obtained with videokymography is similar to that obtained by HSDI, but at the present time it is less expensive and more expedient to analyze.
The engine used in this numerical study was a HSDI (high speed direct injection) diesel engine, same as the one used for experimental investigation by Herfatmanesh et al.
At low load conditions of HSDI engine for 25.6% water to fuel ratio, N[O.sub.x] is most often reduced upto 50% with 94% reduction in PM [45].
Investigation into Identification of Faults in a Small HSDI Diesel Engine Using Acoustic Emission, DGZfP-Procedings BB 90-CD, Lecture 30, EWGAE, 2004.
Reitz The Effects of Split Injection and Swirl on a HSDI Engine E quipped With a Common Rail Injection System SAE Paper 2003-01-0349.
A sampling of topics: driving down on-highway particulate emissions, effect of biodiesel blends on DPF performance, thermal durability of wall-flow ceramic DPFs, ash storage concept for DPFs, combined NOx and PM exhaust gas aftertreatment approaches for HSDI diesel engines, and long-term durability of passive DPFs on heavy-duty vehicles.
If no USB signals exist, designers can connect the chips to almost any bus through a high-speed differential interface (HSDI).
The Ricardo-developed 1.2-litre, four cylinder HSDI diesel engine is capable of delivering 74 kW.
The HSDI 750 Series, which consists of loop-powered 4-20 mA LVDT position transmitters, boasts accurate position measurement in harsh and remote installations, operating in environments where caustic and corrosive materials are present.
Delphi Diesel Systems Ltd., a division of Delphi Automotive Systems, has launched its E1 Advanced Fuel System aimed at premium truck and off-highway applications with versions for mid-range direct injection (DI) and high-speed direct injection (HSDI) engines.
At the same time, Lucas Diesel predicted, increasingly stringent emissions regulations mean that high-speed direct-injection (HSDI) car engines will have to use new fueling technologies - in particular the use of far higher fuel-injection pressures.