HSDNHigh Speed Digital Network
HSDNHomeland Secure Data Network
HSDNHigh Speed Data Network
HSDNHigh Seas Drift Net
HSDNHigh School Student Doctor Network (forum)
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Thus, for multicast in HSDN, right on the core SDN node for each group, the centralized access control can be executed to alleviate security concern for multicast communication.
* We firstly formulate the routing problem as a node-link model to minimize the maximum link utilization, whereby we jointly determine an appropriate SDN node per group as the core node to which the multicast traffic is redirected utilizing unicast routing, as well as constructing multiple multicast core-based trees which are leveraged for the core SDN node to split the multicast traffic onto, thus to realize the manageability and load balance for multicast traffic in HSDN.
However, none of these works have focused on the traffic engineering for multicast in HSDN.
However, none of the papers deal with the construction of the multicast core-based trees in HSDN.
In this paper, we focus on the multicast in HSDN and aim to acquire similar TE and security performance as the SDN multicast.
Specifically, for the desirable TE performance as well as the multicast traffic manageability in HSDN, there are three problems to deal with.
This example indicates that the inflexible routing policy may result in network disaster like congestion in both traditional network and HSDN. With respect to the realization of the unicast routing from the source to the core SDN node, Fibbing [22], Panopticon [23] and Telekinesis [24] can be the candidate methods discussed in our previous work [21], which we call as detouring routing policy in the rest of the paper.
Thus, given a fixed SDN deployment rate at a time ranging from 20% to 60% and the specific upgraded locations of SDN switches using static migration algorithm [5] in HSDN, we gradually increase the number of trees K calculated for each group (spanning from 2 to 10).
We compare the MRS algorithm with the following algorithms: 1) the shortest path tree (SPT) algorithm in IP network, 2) the Node-Link algorithm employing Mix Integer Linear Programming (MILP) formulation proposed in section III, which finds the optimal solution of the routing problem in HSDN, 3) the Prim algorithm to obtain a minimum spanning tree per multicast group in full SDN (PrimSDN), 4) the BestSDN algorithm which creates K trees for every single group using the MILP formulation in full SDN, rather than in HSDN as the Node-Link algorithm.
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According to DHS officials, HSIN-Secret (HSIN-S) is the portal through which the Department "provides intelligence products up to the collateral SECRET classification level to our State and local partners ..." HSDN is "analogous to the Department of Defense's Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNET)." Charles E.