HSDOHigh Speed Diesel Oil
HSDOHigh School Drop-Out
HSDOHealth Services Delivery and Organization (US VA)
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(6) Same practice is repeated for the domestically controlled energy prices such as Gasoline, Kerosene, High Speed Diesel Oil (HSDO), Light Diesel Oil (LDO) and HOBC.
Official privy to the development told this agency that prices of petrol is likely to increase by Rs 5.75 per liter, High Octane Oil (HOBC) Rs 6.45 per liter, High Speed Diesel Oil (HSDO) by Rs 3.13 per liter, Light Speed Diesel (LOD) Rs 3.87 per liter and prices of Kerosene oil is likely to increase by Rs 2.98 per liter.
Similarly, the demand for high-speed diesel oil (HSDO) and furnace oil (FO), coal and charcoal is also fairly price-elastic.
The energy inputs are electricity, natural gas, petrol, light diesel oil (LDO), high-speed diesel oil (HSDO), furnace oil (FO), kerosene oil (KO), charcoal, coke, coal and firewood.
Similarly, in the petroleum products group, the demand for HSDO is price elastic and the elasticity of demand for furnace oil is also close to one.