HSDRAMHigh Speed Dynamic Random Access Memory
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Our HSDRAM DIMMs are the fastest modules currently available," said David Bondurant, vice president of marketing at Enhanced Memory Systems.
Pricing and Availability -- The HSDRAM products are now available through the EMS e-commerce Website at www.
The PC133 HSDRAM products continue the Enhanced Memory Systems tradition of supplying the highest performance plug-compatible memory upgrade products.
The Enhanced 150MHz HSDRAM DIMM module is available on www.
The HSDRAM reference design running at 800 MHz achieves 28% to 49% higher performance on the OfficeBench multitasking benchmark than similar systems using Direct Rambus DRAM and PC100 SDRAM, respectively.
The extra performance margin of HSDRAM allows memory expansion to 2GB using a low-cost ASUStek motherboard.
Enhanced is pursuing other strategic partnerships to advance its EDRAM, ESDRAM, HSDRAM, and ESRAM technologies in the marketplace.
Our 'Freaked' Game Machine, using PC133 HSDRAM main memory, beats the best Quake 3 and Expendable 3-D gaming benchmarks demonstrated using Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM and Dual Channel RDRAM," said David Bondurant, vice president of marketing and applications at Enhanced Memory Systems.
Information on how to duplicate the "Freaked" Game machine with PC133 HSDRAM memory will be available following the show at the Enhanced Memory Systems' e-commerce Web site, www.
HSDRAM is a higher performance version of the industry standard SDRAM.
The use of EMS PC133 HSDRAM ensures that our customers RAM will be useful for future Pentium III and Athlon systems especially now that Intel's Camino chipset has full support for the PC133 standard.