HSDSHierarchical Subdivision Surfaces
HSDSHigh Speed Data Services
HSDSHouston Swing Dance Society (Texas)
HSDSHierarchical Subdivision Surface (animation)
HSDSHigh-Speed Data Switch
HSDSHealth Services Delivery Systems
HSDSHigh Speed Dial-up Service (FTS2000)
HSDSHigh-Speed Digital System
HSDSHybrid Synergy Drive System (Toyota)
HSDSHawaii State Dressage Society
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The examined girls had comparable height and hSDS. According to the Tanner scale, 4 controls and 8 study patients started puberty (Tanner > B2), of whom 5 started spontaneously and 3 after the induction of estrogen replacement therapy.
We identified three distinct host groupings based on the Tukey HSD test: barnacles on sea turtles had the thickest shells, barnacles on horseshoe crabs had shells of intermediate thickness, and barnacles on true crabs had thin shells (Fig.
Based on sophisticated algorithms and benefitting from top-class PMS interfaces developed by HSDS, PriceYourRoom analyses market and competitors data and PMSs in order to provide the best daily BAR rate possible and distribute it to various OTAs and GDS channels.
Enterolactone inhibits the enzymes called 17-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases (HSDs), which are responsible for the conversion of estrone (E1) into estradiol (E2).
High speed dispersers (HSDs) mix the initial pigment powder with the liquid, forming the "re-mix." For a few paints and coatings, the level of dispersion achieved with this machinery is adequate and no further processing is required.
(1) Height standard deviation score (HSDS) below -2.0 from the mean value for child's age and sex [25] (children's height was measured using a stadiometer)
Clinical characteristics including birth weight, height, weight, height SD score (HSDS), body mass index (BMI), bone age at diagnosis were also recorded.