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HSDSHouston Swing Dance Society (Texas)
HSDSHierarchical Subdivision Surface (animation)
HSDSHigh-Speed Data Switch
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HSDSHigh Speed Dial-up Service (FTS2000)
HSDSHigh-Speed Digital System
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HSDSHawaii State Dressage Society
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Based on sophisticated algorithms and benefitting from top-class PMS interfaces developed by HSDS, PriceYourRoom analyses market and competitors data and PMSs in order to provide the best daily BAR rate possible and distribute it to various OTAs and GDS channels.
Here are just some of the new interfaces developed by HSDS on behalf of PowerYourRoom:
Since Protel is also one of the leading hotel property management systems in Europe, the necessity of a new interface to protel hotelsoftware GmbH was undeniable and HSDS were quick to deliver it.
HSDS and PowerYourRoom didn't think twice and have seized this opportunity.
Ten observational criteria therefore were used to establish improper performance of a mechanical HSDS, leading to the designation "disapproved":
Policies concerning program fees have changed as program activities have evolved and knowledge has been gained about operating costs and the willingness of HSDS owners to pay.
As an inducement for HSDS owners to provide regular maintenance, the second reinspection fee was set at $15 for owners holding a maintenance contract with a registered and bonded service company.
With the passage of this legislation, the playing field has been leveled so that all HSDS owners have a financial stake in the operation permit program.
The water quality technicians have worked well with HSDS owners and the repair contractors, too.
HCGHD initiated a community education program to gain public acceptance of the operation permit program, to improve political support, and to teach homeowners about HSDS operation and maintenance.
8220;HSDS is happy to announce that Zenith Hospitality Solutions GmbH based in Berlin Germany, chose HSDS to support and develop its CRS solution ZenRez.
I can guarantee my clients in turn they will never have obsolete solutions as HSDS has a large highly qualified team developing and taking all my requests into their road map.