HSEEHigh School Exit Exam
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Hatfield, E., Hsee, C., Costello, J., Schalekamp, M.
Loewenstein, G., Weber, E.U., Hsee, C.K., & Welch, N.
Tabela 1 Fatores de Influencia do Comportamento Decisorio e Formas de Apresentacao das Ofertas Forma de Fatores de minilencia do apresentacao de comportamento decisorio (cliente)Referencias ofertas Efeito Efeito Efeito reflexao certeza framing Opcoes provaveis x x Kahneman e e certas Tversky (1979), Tversky e Kahneman (1981), Favaretto (2006) Referencia de x Tversky e precos Kahneman (1981), Smith e Nagle (1995), Hsee (1998), Avila e Serpa (2004) Nota.
Hsee (1999) argues that this prediction-decision inconsistency is caused by the presence of a "pseudo-value attribute"--an attribute which provides information about "rational" behaviour--which can cause people to choose their less preferred option.
Participants wouldn't take the hike if the same kind of chocolate was available at both sites, Hsee and his colleagues report in Psychological Science (July), but they would if the choices differed.
One of the most recent attempts to conceptualise the effect of these core variables on well-being comes from Hsee and colleagues (e.g.
These findings contributed information to previous studies that illustrated higher EI among psychotherapists (Schutte et al., 1998) and higher emotional self-regulation among helping professionals in relation to other comparison groups (Salovey, Hsee, & Mayer, 2001).
One in two low-income students is passing the English portion of the HSEE, in comparison to four in five non-low income students.
Discussant: Christopher Hsee, University of Chicago
As such, the male participants may be more able to visualize and imagine using such a preparation, and again, this would facilitate processing of that information (Loewenstein, Weber, Hsee, & Welch, 2001).
Y muy significativas de esta problematica me parecen las investigaciones, con base experimental, de Gilbert (Wilson & Gilbert, 2003) y de Loewenstein (Loewenstein, Weber, Hsee & Welch, 2001) sobre la felicidad y la prediccion afectiva porque lo que encuentran es ...
(1) See, for example, Wong and Carducci (1991) and Loewenstein, Weber, Hsee, and Welch (2001).