HSEFHit Size Effectiveness Function (radiation oncology)
HSEFHorizonte Slovene Enterprise Fund (venture investment fund; Slovenia)
HSEFHealth, Safety, Environmental and Fire Consultants (UK)
HSEFHigh School of Economics and Finance (Manhattan, New York City, NY)
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The findings of the technical survey shall be carried forward into the HSEF QRA study which outcome shall be risk-based recommendations for risk reduction where necessary with clear, feasible and prioritized recommendations.
The HSEF provides them with an opportunity to polish their research exhibit presentations before they compete against the world's best and brightest.
We are very pleased to announce that this high school now has an essential learning center to support research projects, enrich curricula, and improve the quality of life for students and the whole school community," said Phyllis Frankfort, who along with Citigroup is founder of the HSEF, and president of Working In Support of Education.