HSELHigh School Esports League (gaming)
HSELHarrow School Enterprises Limited (Harrow on the Hill, London, England, UK)
HSELHigh Speed Electronics Laboratory
HSELHarrow School Enterprises Ltd (Middlesex, UK)
HSELHigh-Speed Electrical Laparoscopic Morcellator (urology)
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At the league level, organizations such as HSEL and PlayVS (used by Bryant Public Schools) operate online platforms that manage competitions and allow players to create profiles, which are updated as students move through the season toward tournaments.
Since the most popular leagues, such as HSEL and PlayVS, were built for high school teams, the terms tend to be strict regarding what student information is shared.
Prequalification are invited for Acquisition of upto 100% equity stake in Hyderabad Securities and Enterprises Limited (HSEL) and for purchase or development or any other suitable mode of disposal of the said semi-constructed prime property.