HSENIHealth and Safety Executive Northern Ireland
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But HSENI Inspector Kyle Carrick said Mr McTeague's tragic death "could easily have been avoided".
Implementing agency : Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland HSENI
'Since 4 February, some villagers fled their homes to Kaung Ai village in Hseni Township because their village was bombarded with shells.
A spokesman for HSENI said: "Working with silage is a potentially dangerous time, particularly as highpowered machinery is being operated at speed.
But HSENI, which this year receives pounds 3.3 million from the public purse, was unrepentant.
A HSENI spokesperson said the report from the Fire and Rescue service will be considered as part of ongoing inquiries.
The development and implementation of a new replacement HSENI CMS system including the delivery of the following products: Fully functional Case Management System Integration with work-flow, TRIM, website, MS Office applications Mobile integration usage of mobile devices with system functionality Reporting tool generation of reports for staff and a user-friendly reporting module External interfaces DARD data, address lookup data, CRO data Trained users Complete user and technical documentation on system Scanning facility of documents Online forms facility on public website.
The event was supported by the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI).
The figures have been published by HSENI, the organisation responsible for promoting and enforcing health and safety at work standards across Northern Ireland.
You can help by sharing safety messages posted on the Health and Safety Executive HSENI s Twitter and Facebook pages during November.
"HSENI are investigating the circumstances of the incident but it is a sad reminder you can never be too careful."