HSERHealth, Safety and Environment Remark
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The environmental variables ([T.sub.db], RH and BGHI) were defined using a randomized complete block design, in a splitplot design, whereby the plots are the heating systems (HSIR, HSWA, HSWC, HSER, and outside), and the subplots are the evaluated periods (morning and afternoon), according to the following mathematical model:
From a life-course-theory perspective, trajectories into and out of drug use are largely bound by social relationships (Granfield & Cloud, 2001; Hser, Longshore, & Anglin, 2007).
In one of the few studies which examined mental distress among patients on waiting list, individuals with higher symptom loads were less likely to be motivated for treatment and to follow through on the treatment referral (Hser et al.
HLM is an analysis method frequently used in many research fields, such as education (Clapp et al., 2007; Fleming, Harachi, Catalano, Haggerty, & Abbott, 2001; Kutash, Banks, Duchnowski, & Lynn, 2007; Ma & Wilkins 2002; Spencer, Noll, & Cassidy, 2005), social policy (Feinberg, Greenberg, & Osgood, 2004; Jasuja et al., 2005), and public health (Hser, Joshi, Maglione, Chou, & Anglin, 2001; Johnson, Young, Suresh, & Berbaum,, 2002; Schutt, Rosenheck, Penk, Drebing, & Seibyl, 2005; Woodward, Das, Raskin, & Morgan-Lopez, 2006).
Some of these factors include individual aspects, such as sociodemographic characteristics (Heinz, Wu, Witkiewitz, Epstein, & Preston, 2009), psychopathology (McMahon, 2008; Messina, Farabee, & Rawson, 2003; Tate et al., 2008; Waldrop, Back, Verduin, & Brady, 2007), addiction severity (McCamant, Zani, McFarland, & Gabriel, 2007; Poling, Kosten, & Sofuoglu, 2007), low self-efficacy (Dolan, Martin, & Rohsenow, 2008; Hser et al., 2006), craving (Weiss et al., 2003; Lopez et al., 2010), alcohol use (Alterman et al., 2000) or greater presence of psychosocial problems (Simpson, Joe, & Broone, 2002).
Young people who are addicted to drugs and embedded in a street lifestyle often turn to panhandling, theft, survival sex, and other survival strategies to finance their addictions (Baron, 2009; Farabee, Shen, Hser, Grella, & Anglin, 2001).
Segundo os autores esses conteudos humanos seriam muito escassos ou ausentes, podendo ser acompanhados de fenomenos especiais ou, ainda, o Hser igual a zero, prevalecendo, entao, os outros tipos de conteudos humanos [Hd, (H) e (Hd)].
Semenza JCr Herbst S, Rechenburg A, Suk JE, Hser C, Schreiber Cf et al.
The "treatment career framework" proposed by Hser et al.
Los estudios que analizan la relacion entre personalidad (trastornos de personalidad en algunos y prototipos en otros, en funcion del instrumento de evaluacion utilizado) y el consumo de drogas en adolescentes son menos frecuentes aunque necesarios por las consecuencias negativas de dicha asociacion (Cohen, Chen, Crawford, Brook y Gordon, 2007; Fantin, 2006; Grella, Hser, Joshi y Rounds-Bryant, 2001; Taylor, 2005).
Hser and colleagues (1997, 2007) have used the terms "addiction careers" and "treatment careers" to describe such patterns of recurrent AOD use and repeated treatment experiences.