HSESHealth, Safety, and Environmental Services (various locations)
HSESHealth, Safety and Environmental Specialist (UK)
HSESHigh School for Environmental Studies (New York, NY)
HSESHigh School of Engineering and Science (Philadelphia, PA)
HSESHoly Spirit Episcopal School (Houston, TX)
HSESHealth, Sport and Exercise Sciences (University of Kansas)
HSESHydrostatic Equilibrium System
HSESHanford Science and Engineering Supercomputer
HSESHanford Scientific and Engineering System
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In adolescents from HSES, the low frequency of fruit intake (important source of fiber) was associated with overweight and, similar to other study (24), the present study found that the excessive intake of fried food was higher among overweight adolescents from L-SES.
LSES parents are expected to be less accurate regarding their first-grade children's knowledge of reading and writing than HSES parents since they lack the educational level to carry out this estimation.
These results were presented in an aggregate form as well as by socioeconomic class (private or HSES schoolchildren versus public or LSES schoolchildren) and gender.
Jennifer Vasquez, a 2003 graduate of HSES and now a sophomore at Connecticut College, focused on endocrine disruption in the health class.
Mean HSES Scores by School Category Standard High School Number Mean Deviation Memphis, Failing 26 215 30.
The Rural High School Students showed their high schools to be better than the Urban High Schools by Total Score on the HSES that was significant at the 0.
The 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies will recognize Sakhalin Energy Investment Company for the Sakhalin II Phase 2 Project, which implemented complex integrated project facilities in a technically challenging and environmentally sensitive arctic environment, and for demonstrating significant achievements in technical excellence, project execution effectiveness, and HSES performance.
McDermott will also provide overall project, construction and installation management, including quality assurance/quality control and HSES supervision across all project phases.
Shell's recognition of McDermott as a "Green Light" contractor for HSES performance, as well as their familiarity with our project management, ability to accelerate schedules and knowledge of our performance quality is where we added value with this contract.