HSESHealth, Safety, and Environmental Services (various locations)
HSESHealth, Safety and Environmental Specialist (UK)
HSESHigh School for Environmental Studies (New York, NY)
HSESHigh School of Engineering and Science (Philadelphia, PA)
HSESHoly Spirit Episcopal School (Houston, TX)
HSESHealth, Sport and Exercise Sciences (University of Kansas)
HSESHydrostatic Equilibrium System
HSESHanford Science and Engineering Supercomputer
HSESHanford Scientific and Engineering System
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Furthermore, the study demonstrated the occurrence of several heat shock elements (HSEs) as binding sites for the major heat shock factor including other core promoter elements like transcriptional start site for the HSPA6, canonical TATA- box, DPE, MTE, BRE, CpG island, palindromic and repeated sequences.
Upon obtaining approval obtained from the institutional Human Subjects Committee, an e-mail was distributed by the director of the scholarship halls, four resident assistants, the associate athletic director of Student Athlete Support Services, and two HSES faculty members.
3), wherein the longest intron lay in the 5' UTR, which also contained an heat shock element (HSE)-like core sequence (gaatatgCaGAAtgTTCcaGaa) and other introns (with different lengths from 86 to 218 bp).
Reason for not visiting the dentist among HSES students was fear of drilling (40.3%) and 9.3% in LSES.
In adolescents from HSES, the low frequency of fruit intake (important source of fiber) was associated with overweight and, similar to other study (24), the present study found that the excessive intake of fried food was higher among overweight adolescents from L-SES.
The relationship between mothers' and teachers' estimations of 60 children's literacy level and their actual performance were investigated in two different socio-economic status (SES) groups: low (LSES) and high (HSES).
Hemorajik sok-ansefalopati sendromu (HSES), akut baslangicli ansefalopati, sok, yaygin damar ici pihtilasma, agir metabolik asidoz, karaciger ve bobrek islev bozuklugu, havale ve ishal ile belirgindir (1-3).
Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said: "I'd just like to take this opportunity to express the ministers', departments' and HSEs' condolences to the family involved in each of these cases." He added there was a slight fall in the rate of infection from 21 per 100,000 last week to 178.5 within the past few days.
The combination of line focus, which minimizes sample damage, a high-speed encoded stage (HSES), and synchronized readout of the CCD detector enables images to be collected both rapidly and at variable spatial resolution.
The study results for LSES (low-socioeconomic status) children are based on 219 students from five public schools, whereas those for high socioeconomic status (HSES) children are based on 230 students from seven private schools.
The documents released under the FOI Act clearly show that HSEs analysts judged adequate protection is provided by existing systems.