HSF-1Heat Shock Factor 1
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Besides that, DAF-16, HSF-1, and SKN-1 pathways, involved in the insulin/IGF signaling (IIS), appeared essential for GEE-mediated lifespan extension.
DAF-16, HSF-1, and SKN-1 might also mediate health span extension and protein homeostasis (25).
Thus, this study showed that anti-aging effects of guarana are mediated by antioxidant activity and DAF-16, HSF-1, and SKN-1 pathways.
We performed the lifespan assay in daf-2, daf-16, hsf-1 and skn-1 mutants with and without 25 [micro]g/mL eeRo treatment (Figure 5).
Active insulin/IGF signaling promotes phosphorylation-dependent cytoplasmic sequestration of the transcription factors DAF-16/FOXO, HSF-1 and SKN-1/Nrf2 (14,28).
We performed survival assays using mev-1, daf-2, daf-16, hsf-1 and skn-1 transgenic strains.
Along with hsf-1, daf-16 is part of the heat-shock response in C.
elegans longevity in a DAF-16, HSF-1 and SKN-1-dependent manner.
C, ROS levels in daf-16, hsf-1 and skn-1 mutants treated or not with the extract.
(eeRo) in (A) daf-2, (B) daf-16, (C) hsf-1 and (D) skn-1 mutants lifespans.