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HSF1Heat Shock Factor-1 (aka Heat Shock Transcription Factor-1)
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Mitochondrial SSBP1 protects cells from proteotoxic stresses by potentiating stress-induced HSF1 transcriptional activity.
Overexpression of HSP-70 inhibits the phosphorylation of HSF1 by activating protein phosphatase and inhibiting protein kinase C activity.
The HSF1 "plays a crucial role in the response of brain cells to prenatal environmental insults," the researchers reported.
El mecanismo molecular subyacente se basa en la capacidad que tiene el factor de transcripcion del factor de choque termico (HSF)-1 de mostrar una actividad inducible de enlace al ADN al elemento de consenso del choque termico (HSE) e implica multiples pasos, incluyendo la translocacion nuclear, la oligomerizacion y la fosforilacion del HSF1 inducible por serina, siendo esta ultima un determinante importante de la potencia transac-tivadora del HSF-13.
Activation of human heat shock genes is accompanied by oligomerization, modification and rapid translocation of heat shock transcription factor HSF1.
2001); heat-shock elements for HSF: repeats of AGAAN and its complement recognized by trimers of HSF1 (Orosz et al.
Activation of Fas inhibits heat-induced activation of HSF1 and up-regulation of hsp70.
The RT-PCR analysis supported the potential of AGN in ameliorating heast shock by increasing adipogenic differentiation through the up regulated expression of several heat shock and adipogenic related transcription genes and proteins such as HSF1, HSP90, HSP70, HSP60, and HSP27 for the former and PPAR[gamma], C/EBP[alpha], SREBP-lc, FAS, and aP2 for the latter.
Decreased vitamin B12 availability induces ER stress through impaired SIRT1deacetylation of HSF1," Cell Death and Disease, vol.