HSFOHeart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
HSFOHigh Sulphur Furnace Oil
HSFOHigh Sulfur Fuel Oil (refining)
HSFOHuman Services Finance Officers (Washington, DC)
HSFOHealthy Start Field Office (University of California, Davis)
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50/mt higher than the CIF Mediterranean cargoes HSFO regional benchmark, the widest spread since October 23.
This leads to the forecast of price differences between LSFO and HSFO.
Recent data shows the price of HSFO has been lower than the price of LNG.
93 MT to Bangladesh, consisting of gas oil, mogas, and HSFO.
A major part of the refineries' output is used in Kuwaiti power generation, a sector burning HSFO (see down23KuwtRef8Jun15).
If there was any impact from countries running their utilities on fuel oil, traders said it would be seen in the "High/Low", a differential between HSFO and 1 per cent low sulphur fuel oil.
57% * For convenience of calculations, the conversion factors for HSFO and LSFO has been assumed as same.
Imports from Singapore include fuel oil, Inco duel, HOMC, avtur, gas oil, HSFO, IDO and DPK.
5 billion and on top of that the price differential on LSFO, HSFO amounting to Rs3 billion.
The HSFO Output: High sulphur fuel oil from the refineries is used mainly in the power sector.
Japanese refiners had cut their imports of Kuwait's heavy-grade crude oil due to a decline in the nation's demand for HSFO, one of the main fuels used to generate thermal power.