HSFRCHigh-Strength Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
HSFRCHealth Sciences Faculty Research Committee (South Africa)
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At the same load level, cracking stage of high-strength concrete beam with no fibres is far longer and wider than that of HSFRC and HYFRC beams.
It was noticed that the failure of HSFRC beams and HYFRC beams was not sudden, which means the mode of failure of beam was flexure mode.
40% when compared to HSFRC beam containing 100% steel fibres.
65% when compared to reference beam and 85% when compared with HSFRC beam.
The cracks of high strength concrete specimens without fibres are far longer than HSFRC and HYFRC specimens.
There is no significant improvement in compressive strength of HSFRC and HYFRC.
The flexural toughness of HSC containing fibres in hybrid form observed to have more than the HSFRC.
The cracks are more uniformly distributed in HSFRC and HYFRC specimens than the HSC specimens.