HSFSHigh Sierra File System
HSFSHazardous Substance Fact Sheet
HSFSHigh Speed Flight Station
HSFSHull Sonar Functional Segment
HSFSHelsingin Science Fiction Seuran (Finnish: Helsinki Science Fiction Society; Finland)
HSFSHampshire Shared Financial Services (National Health Service; UK)
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The absorbance value varies between day 1 and day 7 in both of the experimental groups, which means both Ca[Cl.sub.2]-EDC and EDC-Ca[Cl.sub.2] scaffolds, can promote the proliferation of HSFs. This is primarily attributed to the non-toxic crosslinking system of alginate-Ca[Cl.sub.2] and gelatin-EDC/NHS.
Regarding the heat shock element (HSE) which is important in responding to stress responses like high temperature (Akerfelt, Morimoto, and Sistonen, 2010; Morano, Grant, and Moye-Rowley, 2012), the isolated 1417bp fragment showed 17 HSE sites for binding the transcriptional regulator heat shock factor (HSF), with a single HSE site overlapping the INR site in the mRNA region.
Teil: Abhandlungen," Neue Internationale Rundschau der Arbeit, 1, January 1941, 1-9, HSfS, Sozialstrategien, Fiche 4/10, Frame 10-18.
HESCs were used as the positive control, and HSFs were used as the negative control.
Since expression of heat shock proteins is regulated by heat shock factor, and HSFs are involved in regulating the cellular response against it, HSF genes (HSF1 and HSF3) were examined (Figures 3(c) and 3(d)).
Change in pledged revenue coverage of the South Campus or HSFS bonds
Data were gathered by using the EHDI Hearing Screening and Follow-up Survey (HSFS), which was fully implemented starting in 2006.
In addition to practice transitions, HSFS offers an range of other business solutions for health care practitioners, including equipment leasing and financing, and patient and practice credit card services.
Human skin fibroblasts Cells were cultured in physiologic glucose (HSFs) (5.5 mM/L) or high glucose concentration (11.1 and 15 mM/L) and irradiated at 632.8 nm with 0.5,1, and 2 J/[cm.sup.2] on 3 consecutive days.
The induction of the Hsps expression is mediated by the induction of the heat shock transcription factors (HsFs) through binding to the heat shock element (HSE) in the promoter region of the Hsp genes.