HSGCHeadspace Gas Chromatography
HSGCHigh School for Global Citizenship (Brooklyn, NY)
HSGCHawaii Space Grant Consortium (Hawaii)
HSGCHumane Society of Garland County (Hot Springs, AR)
HSGCHumane Society of Genesee County (est. 1926; Burton, MI)
HSGCHigh-Speed Gas Chromatograph (mixture analysis)
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Although HSGC serves a challenging population (more than 60% of the school's incoming students scored below grade-level on the seventh grade reading or math exam, and 84% of the student body is eligible for free or reduced lunch), to date, the school has achieved a 91% daily attendance rate (second highest among high schools in Region 6); and in the 2005-2006 school year, more than 81% of ninth grade students earned promotion to grade ten (compared to the citywide average of 72%).
Enrollment will increase each year by an additional 100 students until HSGC becomes a grades 9-12 school with a student body of 400 students.
In addition, HSGC will receive implementation funding for four years from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and the Open Society Institute.
HSGCs in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania were surveyed for our study.
Three hundred HSGCs were randomly selected from each state's board of education list and sent a questionnaire; of these, 142 usable surveys were returned.
Despite indicating familiarity with the profession, HSGCs were not knowledgeable about the number of credit hours required for public accounting certification in their state, as reported in Exhibit 1.
Given that the 150-hour rule is currently optional in Pennsylvania, it is not surprising that an even higher percentage (58%) of HSGCs did not know the requirement for certification.
The second part of the survey asked HSGCs to rank 15 different professions from first to last on several job attributes: long-term earnings potential, "interesting daily job tasks," "prestige, recognition, and respect," "stress-free work environment," and "time available for family and leisure.
As seen in Exhibit 2, HSGCs view the accounting profession as being uninteresting (rank of 12 for public, 14 for private), stressful (10 public, 8 private), time-consuming (9 public, 8 private), and not that rewarding financially, particularly for public accountants (9 public, 6 private).