HSGPAHigh School Grade Point Average (also seen as HS GPA)
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To say more, students who score very low in the admission test but submitted reasonable scores with regard to HSGPA and GAT are given conditional admission.
ETSB correlations are positive and moderate with ACT results and weak for HSGPA.
From their work, one can see that SAT selection promotes social disparities not captured by selection based mainly on HSGPA.
Self-reported gender, race/ ethnicity, and parental income, as well as HSGPA, were obtained from the SAT Questionnaire that students completed during registration for the SAT.
Thus, he endeavors not only to improve the quality of OSS, but also he suggests that HSGPA and OSS be applied together in order to predict better academic achievement of college students.
combination of SAT and HSGPA is more predictive than using HSGPA alone.
The HSGPA variable represents the high school GPA as calculated by the University's admissions office.
We next test the hypothesis that the student's personal background does not add any explanatory power to the model once HSGPA and SAT scores are included.
Appended are: (1) Institutions Providing First-Year Outcomes for the 2011 Cohort; (2) Raw Correlations of SAT and SHGPA with FYGPA by Institutional Characteristics; and (3) Raw Correlation of SAT and HSGPA with FYGPA by Subgroups.
70 Achievement (Critical Reading Min = 400, Max = 1600 and Math) HSGPA M = 3.