HSGSHigh School for Gifted Student (Vietnam)
HSGSHuron Shores Genealogical Society (Oscoda Michigan)
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The maximum absolute errors of the proposed method also compared with the existing methods such as HSGS (CD-RT) and HSGS (CD-RS).
TABLE 1: Comparison between CSFD2 (GE), HSGS (CD-RT), and HSGS (CD-RS) for Example 1.
The CN values were attributed for both B and D HSGs of all classes, at the present and future scenarios (Table 5).
It estimates runoff from rainstorms with the association of Hydrologic Soil Groups (HSG) and LULC types, and varies from 1 to 100 (the most impervious condition).
The curve number (CN) is a function of land use and HSG. CN values range between 0 and 100, with higher CN values associated with higher runoff potential.
The new position [X.sup.2.sub.l](r) is transformed to the scheduling of all activities using the HSGS based on the assignment of modes to activities.
A retrospective observational cohort study conducted in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California system revealed that, between January 2003 and December 2007, no pregnancies occurred among 1359 women in whom the micro-insert had been placed correctly and in whom tubal occlusion was confirmed by HSG. (6) A significantly larger worldwide retrospective cohort study of the Essure procedure reviewed pregnancies reported from the date of FDA approval in November 2002 through 2008.
A follow-up hysterosal-pingogram (HSG) 3 months post procedure confirms proper device placement and tubal occlusion.
When selecting a high-sugar grass seed mixture, the first step should be to check that the varieties it contains have been evaluated for sugar content - and are proven HSGs.
We formally grade our HSGs according to criteria presented by Dr Wittmer and colleagues.
Each HSG was performed as part of an infertility evaluation.
If properly performed, the HSG can be very diagnostic in terms of tubal patency, and it gives information about the inside of the uterus, which the laparoscopy does not.