HSHLHrvatski Savez Hokeja Na Ledu (Croatian Ice Hockey Association)
HSHLHigh Street Home Loans (UK)
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I stood to one side as Dion taught one young lad - all of seven years of age - how to get a high line in the back cast and this reminded me of a lesson I had in 1950 with the great Charles Ritz, (the owner of the famous Ritz hotels and a brilliant caster) the man who introduced the HSHL (high speed, high line back cast) style of casting.
HSHL benefits also cover other preventive treatments, such as sealants for both children and adults, Brush Biopsy (an early diagnostic test for oral cancer), and implants.
The wind tunnel is used at the HSHL degree program across the internships Thermodynamics and Fluid technology, Energy Process Engineering and other engineering and scientific internships.