HSHPHigh School for Health Professions
HSHPHuman Services and Health Professions
HSHPHot Springs Health Program (North Carolina)
HSHPHealthy Schools, Healthy People (School Network for Absenteeism Prevention)
HSHPHigh-Salt High-Protein (nutritional science)
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High parent heterosis on a half-sib basis (HSHP) was calculated using linear contrasts to compare the sativa x falcata half-sib mean of a given parental genotype with the larger of the following: (i) the parental genotype's within-subspecies half-sib mean or (ii) the within subspecies cross mean (SSC or FFC) of the subspecies in which the parental genotype was not found (SAS Institute, 2000).
Load Velocity ES SD Accuracy Smallest Largest WILSON COMBAT CQB Cor-Bon l65-gr JHP+P 1248 73 23.1 0.61 1.04 Speer-CCI 200-gr GDHP+P 1102 40 11.7 1.11 1.84 Federal 230-gr HSHP 899 54 12.8 0.66 2.1 WILSON COMBAT CQB COMPACT Cor-Bon 165-gr JHP+P 1110 86 23.1 1.48 2.09 Speer-CCI 200-gr GDHP+P 1021 54 11.7 1.89 2.25 Federal 230-gr HSHP 847 32 12.8 1.45 2.52 Load Average WILSON COMBAT CQB Cor-Bon l65-gr JHP+P 0.84 Speer-CCI 200-gr GDHP+P 1.55 Federal 230-gr HSHP 1.29 WILSON COMBAT CQB COMPACT Cor-Bon 165-gr JHP+P 1.75 Speer-CCI 200-gr GDHP+P 1.02 Federal 230-gr HSHP 1.85 Bullet weight measured in grains, velocicy in feet per second for an average of 25 shots using a PACT Chrono, hand-held accuracy in inches per 5-shot group at 25 yards.