HSHRHuman Strategies for Human Rights
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Model 2 further divides the HS group into HSHR and HSLR subgroups.
Specifically, we create two interaction terms: 1) Information Asymmetry * Risk-Shying Potential and 2) Information Asymmetry * HSHR. The coefficient on the first interaction term is not significant, and the coefficient on the second interaction term is positive and significant.
For the Moderate Rating subsample, only one agency conflict proxy (HSHR) is significant, but two interest rate environment variables are significant at the 1% level.
In addition, the coefficient on HSHR is positive and marginally significant, in contrast to the significantly negative coefficients for the whole sample and the Moderate Rating subsample.
High sales growth, high A dummy variable equal to one if the MB ratio (HSHR) issuing firm has above-median historical sales growth and above-median MB Ratio, and zero otherwise.
On the other hand, for the HSHR group, 268 (48%) issues are classified as Low Information Asymmetry and only 122 (22%) are classified as High Information Asymmetry.
Asy * HSHR, is highly correlated with HSHR ([rho] = 0.91).