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HSIHumane Society International
HSIHang Seng Index
HSIHigh Speed Internet
HSIHispanic Serving Institutions
HSIHealth Sciences Institute (Baltimore, MD, USA)
HSIHorizontal Situation Indicator (aviation)
HSIHuman Systems Integration
HSIHigh Speed Serial Interface
HSIHyperspectral Imagery
HSIHue Saturation Intensity (color model)
HSIHuman System Integration
HSIHuman Swine Influenza
HSIHigh Speed Interface
HSIHospitality Solutions International
HSIHyperspectral Imager
HSIHot Section Inspection
HSIHot Surface Igniter
HSIHome Study International
HSIHeat Stress Index
HSIHardware-Software Integration
HSIHealth Services Inspection (formerly HSMI)
HSIHastings, NE, USA (Airport Code)
HSIHuman Synergistics International (Plymouth, MI)
HSIHuman Systems Interface
HSIHealth Services International
HSIHigh Speed Infrared (Film, Kodak)
HSIHungarian Standards Institution
HSIHudson Smith International
HSIHandling Speed Intelligently (running training club founded by coach John Smith; Los Angeles, CA)
HSIHome Safety Inspection (Australia)
HSIHellenic Society of Immunology
HSIHorsepower per Square Inch (physics)
HSIHealth Sustainability Initiative (Canada)
HSIHome Station Instrumentation (Army)
HSIHorizon Situation Indicator
HSIHigh-Speed Interferometer
HSIHours Since Inspection
HSIHandbook of Service Instruction
HSIHost-Specific Interface
HSIHabitat Stability Index
HSIHarsh Squirrel Interaction (training team)
HSIHeading Select Indicator
HSIHome School, Inc.
HSIHomeland Security Intelligence (various organizations)
HSIHealth Systems International (various locations)
HSIHigh School Institute (various locations)
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Although EUCOM guaranteed funding through FY18 for additional HSI agents, there are inherent challenges with the current 90-day rotations such as case continuity, rapport with partners, and domain knowledge.
Develop new knowledge about successful advancement of undergraduates at HSIs through critical transitions, including the transition from lower-division to upper-division coursework.
Although we are starting with small steps in Singapore, HSI aspires to be a regional healthcare player in time to come.
He has been doing business with HSI for 11 years and counting.
The United States established a TTU within HSI that generates both domestic and international investigations.
If HSI is not applied then it is likely that the system will not interact with the human properly and will require added time to field the system, added cost to redesign and redevelop the system, or require human interaction mitigation procedures, which will greatly reduce mission effectiveness.
Often when I have asked program managers what sort of HSI considerations they have included in their programs, they proudly tell me, "We showed it to some users.
Marketing literature said that an HSI simplifies course orientation, intercepting and tracking and, according to BendixKing in its KCS55A pilot's guide, "could generally result in better piloting technique and skill.
Although HSI evolved from the study of Human Factors, it expands upon the latter discipline by incorporating a broader range of human considerations such as occupational health, training, and survivability over the system life cycle.
As a result, HSI has become a vital aspect in the acquisition of DoD and other federal systems," said Shattuck.
HSI integrates human capabilities and limitations into system definition, design, development and evaluation to optimize total system performance in operational environments.
WPLS can be used on its own or in conjunction with other HSI services.