HSIDHigh Speed Internet Download
HSIDHome System Identifier
HSIDHealth Services Identification Number (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
HSIDHome System Identifier (wireless switch ID)
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Thus, for each of the clustering-based-EB procedures for HSID, the full set of crash data was split into two groups for each time period (i.e., four groups total) from which NB models were estimated and corresponding EB estimates were calculated.
In this section, evaluations of six different HSID methods, (1) AF, (2) AR, (3) EB (here, all data are considered as being from one population), (4) GFMNB-based EB method, (5)K-means-based EB method, and (6) hierarchical-based-EB method, are conducted using the three main tests from Cheng and Washington [32].
Table 4 shows the results of the six HSID methods considered under the Site Consistency Test.
The results of the six HSID methods being evaluated in terms of the Method Consistency Test are shown in Table 4.
Hence, the smaller the value of the TRDT test statistic, the better the performance of the method in HSID. From the table, it can be seen that the GFMNB-based EB method yields the best HSID performance across all three cutoff levels of proportions of sites to be considered as high-risk.
Overall, the preceding tests indicate that the GFMNB-based EB method appears to exhibit the strongest HSID performance in all three tests and across the different cutoff levels of proportion of sites to be considered as high-risk.
From the preceding analysis, it appears that the GFMNB-based EB procedure for HSID performs the best when evaluated with the three aforementioned test procedures [32] on the Texas rural undivided highway crash dataset.
While the clustering-based EB methods for HSID have several benefits, they are not without their limitations.
The newly developed clustering-based EB methods for HSID were compared in terms of performance to conventional HSID methods, including the EB method, as well as the naive AF and AR method, with three methods comparing performance in HSID across different time periods as developed by Cheng and Washington [32].