HSIEHuman Society and Its Environment (Australia)
HSIEHigh-Affinity Serum-Inducible Element (trauma surgery)
HSIEHuman Serum-Inducible Element
HSIEHealth System Information Exchange (Ontario, Canada)
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To scaffold an independent text, provide explicit criteria to reflect the above language features and text type within the same HSIE unit.
Reintegration and recovery are thus highly dependent on what support and services are accessible and provided to individuals with SCI and their families after they leave inpatient rehabilitation (Riis & Verrier, 2007; Wolfe, Hsie, & Mehta, 2010).
Primary Teachers (from school total of 24) 5 Classroom teachers 4 Specialist literacy 1 teachers Secondary Teachers (from school total of 61) 45 English 4 HSIE 9 PDHPE 5 Science/Maths 14 TAS 4 Visual Arts 1 LOTE 1 Specialist literacy 7 teachers (incl.
Con datos de los censos economicos de 2004, Hsie y Klenow (2009b) encuentran que si la economia mexicana se moviera hacia un equilibrio donde se igualen los productos marginales de cada una de las industrias a cuatro digitos del sector manufacturas, la productividad agregada aumentaria 127% en 1999 y 95% en 2004.
The staff, motivated by a HSIE teacher mentor, nominated Aboriginal culture as a theme that could run across all KLAs.
Given that the basic bootstrap techniques were originally developed for independent observations, the bootstrap inference has not the desired properties when applied to raw returns; Bookstaber and McDonald (1987), Chatterjee and Pari (1990), Hsie and Miller (1990) and Levich and Thomas (1993) present the problems of surveys where returns are directly bootstrapped.
crassa (de Serres and Kolmark 1958); cytogenetic assays (Kihlman 1966); Hprt (hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferase) assays in V79 (Chu and Mailing 1968) and CHO cells (Hsie et al.
Michael Jay Haberman, Matteen Hakim, Sarah Elizabeth Halperin, *Carro Alexandra Halpin, Sarah Grace Hamilton, Catherine Margaret Handford, Matthew Steven Hanley, Gabriela Mercedes Harmon, Vanessa Lee Hassett, Christopher Richard Haudel, Frederick Alan Haudel, Christina Hays, Bradford Thomas Hazell, Ryan James Hebert, Erik Daniel Helm, Sean Michael Helm, Kelsey Marie Henningson, *Nicole Elizabeth Henry, Nicholas Robert Hirakawa, Joshua Patrick Hogan, Anna Leigh Holovnia, Michael Shamus Horgan, Samantha May Howells, Wilfred Julius Hsie, Samantha Elizabeth Hurwitz.
As she explained, "because we are under review we all needed to do Key Learning Area programs so I'm it--the leader- the curriculum coordinator for HSIE!" (Josie, 6 months' experience, Curriculum Leader).
Samuel Hsie sent us the rare bibliography on Taiwanese spiders and Hirotsugu Ono provided information on the type material of species discussed here and lent specimens of N.
New South Wales's K-6 (Stages 1-3) Human Society and its Environment (HSIE) Syllabus and the Geography Years 7-10 (Stages 4-5) and Years 11-12 (Stage 6) Geography Syllabuses illustrate this hierarchical nature of this process.