HSIMHigh Density Single Inline Memory
HSIMHigh Speed Interface Module
HSIMHealth Science Information Management (medical quality assurance)
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That is why a task of vibrations and noises diminishing in HSIM is actual for modern industrial enterprises and producers of electric engineering industry.
Imitation modeling of the HSIM transient processes, considered in this work, allows to estimate their characteristics without making a full-scale sample, which significantly reduces the price of electric machines development and choosing their optimal parameters.
"HSIM has reduced overall simulation time and enabled verification of our circuits at both the multi-block and chip level."
HSIM enabled Sirific engineers to complete SPICE-quality timing and power analysis on complete blocks, including an entire dual-mixer transceiver containing low pass filters.
The Iddq analysis in Nassda's HSIM provides low-power designers the information they need to optimize the performance of their designs.
"We worked side by side with engineers at Virtual Silicon to ensure that as part of their design flow for memory compilers, HSIM provides them with the power characterization and capacity necessary for the high-speed, low power memory cores that SoC designers are already demanding.