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HSKHorst Schmidt Kliniken (German: Horst Schmidt Clinics)
HSKHanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese proficiency test)
HSKHost Swap Kit
HSKHauptabteilung für Die Sicherheit der Kernanlagen (Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate)
HSKHerpes Simplex Keratitis
HSKHard Style Klowns (band)
HSKHalu Mesru Savunma Kuvveti (aka Kurdistan Workers' Party)
HSKHigh Speck Kareshi (Japan)
HSKHope Street Kids (pediatric cancer research)
HSKHarambee Schools Kenya (UK)
HSKHorrendous Space Kablooie (Calvin and Hobbes)
HSKHunt Suedhoff Kalamaros (Attorneys; Fort Wayne, IN)
HSKHolystone Keeper (gaming, RF Online)
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This is for HCK unit's seawater network as well as LPG transfer pumps and progressive cavity pumps at the HSK plant.
The contract also covers liquefied petroleum transfer pumps and progressive cavity pumps for the HSK plant.
Morphological classification of HSK is based on the renal shape based on the appearance of two fused renal masses (Pawar et al., 2018).
IMSciences is the only institute in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) to act as a test centre for HSK apart from Islamabad and Karachi.
(5,6) Review of the literature reveals no case reports of laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for T3a RCC, and therefore, this is the first report of a laparoscopic partial nephrectomy of T3a RCC HSK with renal vein tumor thrombus.
A 78-year-old man with HSK visited our hospital due to asymptomatic gross hematuria and renal hypofunction in August 2016.
Clinical data of 1,443 patients who underwent keratoplasty (excluding cases of primary HSK) from January 2013 to January 2017 in our hospital with a regular follow-up of more than 1 year were retrospectively analyzed.
Beginners in the Chinese language can register and access the course called "HSK Tsinghua Chinese: Start Talking with 1.3 Billion People."
demonstrated in their study a biphasic upregulation of IL-17 in HSK. Initial upregulation of IL-17 began on day 2 postinfection but returned to preinfection levels by day 5 around day 5; another increase in levels of IL-17 was noted starting day 7 postinfection.
He explained that HSK test had six levels and level four was considered as the appropriate level from Chinese government to qualify for work as Interpreter, adding that this is the first initiative from PCJCCI that will be followed up for HSK level two exam after two months, and level four by end this year.
Whichever project we choose to pursue, I hope it will reinforce the relevance of the HSK endeavor in our continuing goal to serve the higher interest of the Filipino-American community in this part of the US, de Leon said.
Spindle motor connection type: HSK 63F, HSK 63E, ISO 30 (also known as SK 30), BT 30, BT 35 and BT 40 are among the most common connections.