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HSLHue, Saturation, Lightness
HSLHealth Sciences Library (various universities)
HSLHormone-Sensitive Lipase
HSLHigh Speed Link
HSLHessisches Statistisches Landesamt (German)
HSLHigh Speed Launch (British powerboat; UK)
HSLHue Saturation Lightness
HSLHost Service Location
HSLHybrid Silicon Laser
HSLHealth and Safety Laboratory (United Kingdom)
HSLHealth and Safety Law (various locations)
HSLHeat Seal Lacquer (various companies)
HSLHarwell Subroutine Library
HSLHighly Sensitive List (goods)
HSLHybrid Solar Lighting
HSLHigh School Liaison (various locations)
HSLHoge Snelheids Lijn (Dutch train)
HSLHelicopter Antisubmarine Squadron Light (US Navy)
HSLHazardous Substance List
HSLHardship Letter (immigration)
HSLHindustan Shipyard Ltd (India)
HSLHoly Spirit Led
HSLHome School Link
HSLHardware Simulation Laboratory (US NASA)
HSLHelicopter Antisubmarine Warfare Light
HSLHolland Sociaal Liggend (Dutch: Holland Social Landscape; cycling club)
HSLHydrographic-Survey Launch
HSLHypertonic Saline
HSLHindustan Steel Limited (India)
HSLHelicopter Anti-Submarine Warfare Squadron Light
HSLHypermedia Synchronization Language (Digital Research Corporation)
HSLHue, Saturation, and Luminescence (less common; probably incorrect)
HSLHealth Service Laboratory
HSLHelicopter Sling Load (cargo transport)
HSLHome Station Launch
HSLHuntington Station Library (Huntington Station, NY)
HSLHazard Significant Level
HSLHumane Society of Lewisville, TX
HSLHelvetas Sri Lanka
HSLHazardous Substance Location (New Zealand HSNO regulations)
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Chris Hudson, managing director at HSL, said: 'We are delighted to bring the HSL service to Coventry.
"Of all of the communities I've been in, I think HSL is a great opportunity for midgrade Sailors to develop their leadership skills," said Dubiel.
Complementary DNA was initially amplified by polymerase chain reaction using primer pairs for FAS, HSL and [beta]-actin (as an internal control) with the following sequences: sense 5'- AGC CTA ACT CCT CGC TGC AAT -3', and anti-sense 5'- TCC TTG GAA CCG TCT GTG TTC -3' for FAS (196 bp, Genbank accession no.
When there is sufficient sunlight available to the HSL system, it's estimated that 80 percent of interior light is generated from the sun (the remaining 20 percent is created artificially).
The new level of performance in HSL technology is designed to use high-performance and high-capacity disks to support demanding applications on the iSeries like ERP, CRM, SCM and Collaborative Computing.
Water Heater Installation: Dylan Reichardt, HSL Asset Management
A statement read: "At a meeting with the chairman of HSL, Kenny MacAskill, BuyHibs asked a number of questions relating to the workings and finer details of HSL, most of which he was unable to answer.
Supported by a grant from the National Library of Medicine (NLM), the HSL was built around the concept of portal development, with special emphasis on web-based personalization and customization.
The company said that its HSL 2.75G Femtocell enables operators to gain increased revenue per subscriber by increasing service availability for those 2G and 3G subscribers experiencing coverage quality issues.
AM1(AW) David German was assigned to HSL 43, NAS North Island, Calif., at the time of this incident.
Hsl will request your quote from the travel and expense billing system to manage the travel and other expenses of its staff.
HSL is the vehicle Hibs are promoting to encourage fans to snap up PS2.5million worth of shares in the club, with a view to eventually owning 51 per cent.