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Environments exhibiting large magnitudes of vertical wind shear and limited instability are commonly referred to as high-shear, low-CAPE (HSLC) environments.
Recent research has improved our ability to distinguish between severe and nonsevere HSLC convective environments by establishing the discriminatory skill of low-level lapse rates, low-level shear vector magnitudes, and synoptic-scale and mesoscale forcing for ascent (Sherburn and Parker 2014; Sherburn et al.
To address these gaps, an ongoing collaborative project at North Carolina State University (NCSU) is aimed toward increasing the number of near-storm observations in HSLC environments.
After obtaining permission from the developer (Professor Kenneth Holroyd, Ohio University), the original HSLC questionnaire was translated by a translation agency.
Subsequently, 20 health-care professionals (10 psychologists and 10 general practitioners) evaluated the equivalence between the original and the translated version of the HSLC. After this assessment, the final Dutch version was composed, the HSLC-DV (Appendix).
[35] pointed out that 7 to 28 days compressive strength ratio is in the range of 80 to 90% for HSLC, whereas, in another study reported by Holm and Bremner [36], this ratio is between 80 and 90% for HSLC.
The database project is managed by the HSLC, a not-for-profit corporation located in Philadelphia.
Georgetown University Medical Library GRC International HSLC Inforonics, Inc.
HRIN Corporation HSLC Information Access Company Information Sources Inc.
HSLC's large-scale implementation of Ovid Hybrid-serving seven institutions with 40,000 users across the state of Pennsylvania-illustrates the significance of Ovid Hybrid as a breakthrough solution for consortia, corporations, and other electronic information distributors with geographically diverse user populations.
Scorza, of HSLC, said: "There are a lot of reasons why Hybrid is important, but, for us, the main factor was data currency.
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