HSLDAHome School Legal Defense Association (US)
HSLDAHome School Legal Defence Association (Canada)
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HSLDA began working in conjunction with many state homeschooling associations to create legislation that would exempt private home educators from compulsory attendance laws.
State part-time public school attendance policy and homeschooling regulation policy was identified by consulting the HSLDA and CRHE websites (Current Homeschool Law, 2016; Smith & Farris, 2016) and confirmed by finding referenced legislative citations in the public record.
Founded by Michael Farris in 1983, HSLDA has worked to oppose laws that provide some protection for children who are being homeschooled.
(27) For a representative example of the type of testimony available from such groups, see Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Brief of Amicus Curiae In Support of Appellant, Cano v.
Retrieved from the HSLDA website: http://www.hslda.org/docs/nche/000010/PoliticsOfSurvival.asp
He also provided expert testimony in early cases brought by the HSLDA. Rushdoony saw homeschooling as not just providing the biblical model for education but also a way to bleed the secular state dry.
According to HSLDA and others involved in the case, after the family ditched government school, Bulgarian authorities promptly initiated a campaign of retaliation and abuse against them.
Ademas de existir una polemica en Suecia por los exhaustivos controles a los que son sometidas las familias y por las restricciones que el gobierno trata de imponer a la "escuela en casa" por motivos religiosos y filosoficos (Villalba, 2009), todo apunta a que en la actualidad su falta de permision es practicamente un hecho (HSLDA, 2010; Newman, 2010).
Patty Marler, AHEA's government liaison, expressed her scepticism when she said that, "The Human Rights Tribunals have used the Alberta Human Rights Act to restrict and diminish religious beliefs and expressions, so how would those with deeply held religious convictions be 'protected' in any way?" Paul Faris of HSLDA noted that the intentions of the current government are irrelevant because it is what is written in the law that will matter in the long run: "Even if this government does have good intentions, if a different government gets in with nefarious intentions, they've got that law sitting there waiting for them to use".
Elizabeth Smith, wife of HSLDA's president, in a 2007 address urged her audience of Protestant home-school leaders to pray against the "assault of the Enemy" that cybercharters represented: "if we will band together ...
Wade [and] stop same-sex marriage," HSLDA President Michael Farris says.
Anyone interested in finding out specific requirements for his or her state should contact the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).