HSMAHigh Speed Motion Analyzer
HSMAHazardous Substances Mitigation Act
HSMAHaitian Society for Mutual Aid
HSMAHospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
HSMAHealth Services Management Association (Boston, MA)
HSMAHumanitarian School of Martial Arts
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An HHA's market share of total Medicare beneficiaries receiving visits in 1996 within the HSMA it serves was additionally specified as a separate indicator of the HHA's competitive position relative to other agencies serving patients in the same market area.
The odds of market exit are suggested to decrease by 2 percent for each additional 10,000 older Medicare beneficiaries comprising the population of the HSMA in which an agency operated.
HSMA "is a legally separate entity" from its parent companies in California or Korea, so the Eugene plant "is immune to all issues related to price fixing," said Eugene spokesman Bobby Lee.
We at HSMA are proud that our parent company has committed to keeping the Eugene facility at the cutting edge of semiconductor manufacturing technology," Jerold Olson, a Hynix spokesperson, stated.
HSMA employs over 850 individuals at the Eugene facility, along with 170 contract workers.
We at HSMA are sensitive to the fact that when we take into account the direct and indirect employment effects of our operations, we are responsible for the jobs of literally thousands of Oregonians," Olson continued.