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HSMMHot Strip Mill Model (simulation)
HSMMHidden Semi-Markov Model (statistical model)
HSMMHayes, Seay, Mattern and Mattern, Inc. (architectural and engineering consulting)
HSMMHigh-Speed Massive Memory (US Army)
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When using the HSMM to model the deterioration of the gear system with the consideration of maintenance policy, it is necessary to consider the best stopping time.
"It's vital to have families close at hand during [a child's] long-term rehab," says Jamie Gaabo, lead interior designer, HSMM, Roanoke, VA.
Table 2 is the summary of performance compared with HSMM in [8] and FABM in [18], taking into account the impact of thresholds on the performance of EHMM-CT.
For example, the hidden semi-Markov model (HSMM) is applied to estimate the position of an opponent in the game Counter Strike [22].
(HSMM), one of the largest architectural and engineering design firms in Virginia, announced the addition of Aaron P.
In this paper, we apply a probabilistic model, hidden semi-Markov model (HsMM) [13], to address the challenges of our work.
Apply HSMM to transform the photo route into the significant point sequence; 5.
(HSMM), a Virginia-based architectural and engineering firm.
(HSMM), has passed the exam and has successfully completed all other requirements to be recognized as a Designated Design-Build Professional.
HSMM led community workshops and provided site location and master planning services, as well as design development, space programming, construction documents, bidding documents and construction administration for the project.