HSMSHigh Speed Message Services
HSMSHigh Speed Memory Stick
HSMSHealth and Safety Management System (software)
HSMSHazardous Substance Management System
HSMSHigh Speed Meteor Scatter
HSMSHierarchical Storage Management System
HSMSHealth and Safety Monitoring Systems
HSMSHousing Society Management System (software)
HSMSHigh Speed Messaging Service (semiconductor equipment communications standard; associated with GEM/SECS)
HSMSHierarchical Storage Management Software
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The integrated delivery of Thales HSMs with Vormetrics DSM allows customers to take advantage of best-in-class cryptographic hardware protection and key management, adding a further layer of security and reducing their operational risk.
This tender concerns the supply of HSM solutions and related services.
The company's June 2019 acquisition of nCipher Security's general purpose HSM business from Thales will enable it to support high-assurance use cases based on a range of next-generation digital transformation tools, such as IoT, virtual payments, and blockchain/distributed ledger technologies (DLT).
General purpose HSMs are a core component of Entrust Datacard's solutions and are an underlying part of the security infrastructure of the company's public key infrastructure (PKI) and secure sockets layer (SSL) offerings.
The use of HSMs is expanding across all of these domains.
HSMs enable organisations to benefit from the flexibility and economy of cloud services while strengthening the security of their key management practices and gaining greater control over their keys.
These services use HSMs to generate and secure keys in dedicated appliances, outside of, but in close proximity to the cloud 6 removing a major pain point for institutions.
Businesses that hope to deploy 5G IoT devices must use HSMs to protect their CA--the root of trust in their entire network.
As one of the leaders in the paradigm of hardware-based cryptographic security, Utimaco will be providing HSMs as the Root of Trust in the AoT for the AWS environment.
Organisations in the region continue to demonstrate a preference for control over encryption in the cloud and are actively implementing hardware security modules (HSMs) to safeguard their data against increasing security threats.
Como material se ha recurrido al corpus digital de textos medicos espanoles de la Digital Library of Old Spanish Texts elaborado por el Seminario de Estudios Medievales Hispanicos (HSMS, por sus siglas en ingles) de la Universidad de Wisconsin en Madison.
Then a DC filter containing two series transmission lines and two open circuited stubs connected to the HSMS 2860 Schottky diode along with a 150 pF capacitance and a resistive load.