HSN IHereditary Sensory Neuropathy Type I
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Studios releasing the fihns received a small percentage of the sales associated with the items curated by HSN, but for the most part, the lure has been that the movies received a marketing push in the 96 million homes where HSN is available.
HSN is an operating segment of HSN Inc (Nasdaq: HSNI).
HSN is negotiating with two other TV celebrities in the home decorating arena, and expects to introduce those collections early in 2002.
And HSN is the world's number-one distributed television retailer, reaching 141 million households worldwide.
HSN is the perfect showcase for that very special party approach."
Purported to relax the body and increase blood flow, according to HSN, the For meal preparation, HSN is touting its Aroma Health Grill, a customer favorite that sells out every time it airs, according to the company.
Like its closest competitor QVC, HSN is devoting more of its mix to home items.
Now officially dubbed the Home Shopping Network, HSN is taking brisk measures to take its 41 percent stake in jewelry and share the potential wealth among its less developed categories, including home, fashion and cosmetics.