HSN1Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy Type 1
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Peiris said, 608 human cases of HSN1 infection have been reported from 15 countries in Asia and Africa.
Jones says the international research team's discovery will help speed up the development of new therapeutics against the H1NI and HSN1 viruses.
ALTHOUGH ASIAN HSN1 has not been detected in North America, wildlife and public health officials remind hunters to follow several safe hygiene and cooking measures that reduce the risk of contracting wildlife diseases:
In some parts of the world, authorities have proposed attempting to control the spread of HSN1 by culling wild birds, or destroying their habitats, or displacing them from breeding and roosting grounds.
To date, however, the HSN1 virus has not thought to be directly transmitted to humans.
"If HSN1 developed into a virus that could be passed between humans, you couldn't be absolutely sure that an H5N1 vaccine would be appropriate," she warned.
Since 1997, when the first human case of HSN1 avian flu appeared, fewer than 100 people have died from the disease.
In the studies, two teams coaxed versions of HSN1 to evolve in the lab by passing them from ferret to ferret until the viruses could spread on their own when the animals sneezed or coughed.
The first survey, conducted from January to March, asked physicians, nurses, and other health professionals employed at the facilities if they would take a prepandemic HSN1 vaccine.
Evidence of HPAIV (HSN1) replication was found sporadically in tissues other than those of the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems (online Appendix Table 2).